Fix all issues of google search console

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Fix all issues of google search console webmaster tools

I can fix all issues with google search console webmaster tools. Google Search Console (GSC)/Google Webmaster is a very important free tool that helps to search results improve as expected.

Sometimes it shows some errors like indexing coverage, breadcrumbs, site speed, and others related to ranking.

I will fix the following index coverage errors:-

Server error (5xx)

Redirect error

Fix URL blocked by robots.txt

Fix URL marked ‘noindex’

Fix URL seems to be a Soft 404

Fix URL returns unauthorized request (401) fv

Fix URL not found (404)

Fix URL has crawl issue


1. Your website connects with a search console or webmaster.

2. Basic All Setup

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To get started, the seller needs:

Need this information for Order

1. Your google webmaster/search console login details.

2. Your website admin panel & Cpanel login details.

3. Etc

Scope of this kwork: Fix all issues