On-page SEO by Yoast

Implement a content marketing strategy to consistently produce high-quality and shareable content. “SEO”

Complete on-page “SEO” by Yoast

Greetings!! Are you using the Yoast SEO plugin but still unable to achieve a higher website ranking on search engines? This is a common problem faced by many website owners. My Yoast SEO optimization services can help you address this issue.

With years of experience, I can help you configure the Yoast plugin correctly, identify relevant target keywords, optimize your website content, improve website structure, implement schema markup, and identify and fix any technical issues.

On-page Optimization Key Factors:

  1. Keyword research and selection.
  2. Optimizing your content with the target keywords.
  3. Improving website structure and navigation.
  4. Optimizing images and videos with alt tags.
  5. Add schema markup for rich snippets.
  6. Linking to internal and external pages.
  7. Creating descriptive meta titles and meta descriptions.

Why Me:

  1. Experienced SEO specialist with a proven track record of delivering quality results
  2. Provide regular updates and transparent communication
  3. 100% customer satisfaction
  4. Money-back guarantee

Order my on-page SEO optimization kwork using Yoast and get ahead of your competitors on search engine results pages.

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Scope of this kwork: 1 website, 3 pages