400-500 web traffic per day from Turkey. 15 Days

I will send you 400-500 web traffic per day from Turkey. 15 Days:

>>>>>>>>Welcome to my Kwork Turkey web traffic Service Gig<<<<<<<

I will send you high-quality web visitors from Turkey Country.

I guarantee 100% targeted and quality visitors with low bounce rates.

I am very expert in SEO and Web traffic Managing. I’ll send you 400-500 web traffic per day from Turkey Country. In 15 Days.

My Service Description:-

  1. AdSense Secure Traffic
  2. SEO Friendly.
  3. 100% quality visitors come every day.
  4. 100% safe traffic.
  5. Get a massive ranking.
  6. Low Bounce Rate.
  7. 400-500 visits daily.
  8. 15 days of stable traffic.
  9. Visit Duration ~ 1 minute.
  10. Up to 2-5 pages per visit.
  11. Traffic comes from Turkey.

You can specify any traffic source Like:-

Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, VK, Taringa,, Quora, Mix, Tumblr, Yahoo!

NO guarantee of clicks, sales. I do not accept YouTube, redirects, downloads, social media links, registration pages.

To get started, the seller needs:

Please Give me Your requirement to start the work:-

  1. Website Link
  2. Keyword
  3. Targeted Country

Have you any questions? Please Feel free to ask me! Thank you

What’s included:


 Time frame selection

 Keyword selection

 Number of entry points: 5

 Number of viewed pages: 3

 Mobile traffic: Yes

 Dwell time: 1 min